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Winning? Charlie Sheen Goddess's New Non-Porn Gig Still Pretty Porny (and Joey Fatoney!)

Bree Olson Topco Sales
Charlie Sheen's antics may have cost him a job, but it's gained one for his oft MIA No. 1 goddess Bree Olson.

E! News has exclusively learned that the former porn star, whose real name is Rachel Oberlin, is set to make her big screen debut in Mancation, a new indie comedy that costars Joey Fatone. Well, they can't all start at the top of the A-list, right?

"Bree has committed to the film," Olson's rep tells E! News.

In any case, while the film is being touted as Bree's first non-adult film role, we've received a copy of the script and, well, let's just say she's not exactly veering all that far from her comfort zone, as there's no shortage of adult activity in Bree's scenes.

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"It's an indie film," former producer Ryan Christopher McCarty told E! News (he has since been fired from the film). "Bree has only done porn mainly and no mainstream stuff. It's not porn."

So what's the role?

"She will be playing Joey's wife," McCarty said. (Fatone's rep confirmed to E! News that the former 'N Syncer is right now "closing the deal" to appear in the National Lampoon-style bro comedy.)

"Bree has only dome porn mainly and no mainstream stuff. It's not porn."

Maybe not technically, but that may be for the MPAA to decide.

"She will be playing Joey's wife. When Joey comes home, he sees her cheating on him with her friend, a woman."

And, at least in the script draft obtained by E! News, the scene leaves little to the imagination.

Bree, who will play the character Cyndi in the film, is seen, um, vigorously performing on her would-be maid of honor with some help from a, er, strap-on accessory. If you catch our drift.

As if that weren't enough of an auspicious silver screen debut, the dialogue featured is enough to make Showgirls aficionados blush and sees Olson reciting such classy lines as, "Real dicks are gross."

The movie, which begins shooting April 1 in Atlantic City, will also feature fellow porn star Danica Dillan and (one of these things is not like the others!) The Wonder Years' Danica McKellar.

So how will this affect her stay at Sober Valley Lodge? Not at all, probably. Timing is everything and the shoot begins right around the same time Sheen is hitting the road on his so far sold-out My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option tour.

Which means he'll just have to make do with one goddess during that time, which he somehow managed to do last week as well, while Bree was tending to her drunk-driving hearing in Indiana.

However, Olson's rep told E! News that the America's next top movie star "is coming back to Los Angeles today so she will be at 'The Lodge' tonight," the rep said.

As for reports that Sheen (who is not following her on Twitter! The horror!) and her have split, the rep also denies it.

"They got in an argument on March 5, but quickly reconciled." True love conquers all, people. As do publicity-seeking relationships.

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