miércoles, 9 de marzo de 2011

Mark Zuckerberg -- aka "The Poking Inventor" -- now available in plastic

MARK Here’s a way to meet a Facebook lawyer or two: Start selling an action figure in the spitting image of Mark Zuckerberg, complete with a “poke” or “like” placard as well as the social network’s “f” icon.

Oh, sorry, apparently the figurine is technically called “The Poking Inventor.” Created by Cyril Chang, whose Steve Jobs figure didn’t go over too well with Apple, plastic Zuckerberg wears his doppleganger’s customary hoodie, jeans and Adidas flip flops.

The Zuckerberg figure, which at 7 inches tall is heavier than an iPhone but lighter than an iPad, can be purchased for about $70. More than half of the batch of 300 dolls have already been sold over at the M.I.C. (as in Made In China) Gadget store.

Don’t get too eager, though. The limit is one per customer.

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