miércoles, 9 de marzo de 2011

afternoon delight

Afternoon delight in Paradise 
OLIVIA Dabawenya was belting out lively song numbers as we arrived for the pre-valentines day.
It was the 12:00 O’clock Valentine Sunday Fling featuring one of Davao’s Pop Bands, Gallope.
The day of hearts was not a monopoly for sweethearts, It was a day for whole families to enjoy Paradise Island Park and Resort, its clear blue waters, the water sports facilities, its brand of cooking and the well manicured gardens blooming with hibiscus. The birds around the park were part of the leisurely walk we took while the band played and parlor games entertained the guests. Bob Puyat was featured on the saxophone for added thrills to the crowd who reminisced the
romantic days and how it felt to fall in love.
It was nice to see the Barnetts, Roberto and Danney, bonding with their daughter Rury and son Harry and some friends who took their lunch and enjoyed the water. We had a surprise valentine’s gift as we received a bottle of red wine from the Barnetts, an envigorating drink from Chile.
Our welcome drinks of Buko Juice were thirst-quenching as it was a warm Sunday noon. Media ladies Maya Padillo of the Mindanao Daily Mirror and Ana Dulay were happy to spend the day with guests Eva Vasquez who came home for a Class Golden Jubilee at the Philippine Women’s University. She decided to make a side trip to Davao City with her niece Aileen Santos who enjoyed Paradise Island Park & Beach Resort and promised to come back to see more of the richness of our island and highlands.

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