lunes, 24 de enero de 2011

rahm emanuel

Chicago Mayor Emnauel
WASHINGTON -- Rahm Emanuel's mayoral campaign issued a late-afternoon motion on Monday hoping to reverse what could be a disastrous decision from an Illinois Appellate Court earlier in the day.
The campaign asked that the court's decision, which ruled that Emanuel did not qualify as a Chicago resident and was therefore unable to hold the mayor's office, be stayed until a higher court - the state Supreme Court - weigh in on the matter. In addition, it urged that the board of elections keep Emanuel's name on any ballot printed. Earlier in the day, the Chicago Elections Board for the printing of two million ballots without Emanuel's name on them.
Finally, the Emanuel campaign asked that the Supreme Court expedite the appeal of the lower court's decision.
In issuing the motion, the former chief of staff's legal team did little to hide their displeasure with the earlier ruling.
The Appellate Court's decision involves one of the most far-reaching election law ruling ever to be issued by an Illinois court, not only because of its implications for the current Chicago mayoral election but also for its unprecedented restriction on the ability of individuals to participate in every future municipal election in this State. 
Combined, the motion was meant to effectively stall any action until a quick resolution to the debate over Emanuel's residency is finalized. The question among legal observers is whether the time frame exists for that to happen. Chicago begins early voting on January 31.

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