sábado, 22 de enero de 2011

Lohan's Betty Ford Worker Breaks Silence! She Wants Her Money From Lindsay Bad!

lindsay-lohan-accuser-speaks.jpgUh-oh. Should have paid her when you had the chance!

This morning, we covered a story about a shady dealing that went on between Lindsay Lohan's people and Betty Ford worker Dawn Holland, who she allegedly had a violate altercation with. The story this morning was that Dawn was promised $25K if she promised not to press charges against LiLo. She kept up her end of the bargain, but so far, no money has come her way

So she will be silent no longer.

In her first "rambling" interview since the whole incident went down, Dawn told sources that she is after what is "rightfully" hers, which she continues to refer to as "workman's comp" and not the money promised by Lindsay's people. She explained that she recently changed lawyers because the one she had was only interested in the "Lindsay thing" and not any of the dealings with the Betty Ford clinic. Now, with her new lawyer, she's ready to make a new start. She explained:

    “I’m just a simple ordinary individual in recovery with children. I’m just a person and I don’t need of that kind of stuff. You know what, there is no simple fix. The bottom line is as it stands right now I have the right to [get] workman’s comp and I’m not getting it. That was the purpose of hiring a new attorney and he is in the process of doing what he needs to do to fix that. And as far anything else is concerned we’re not working on anything else.”

So, we should take from that that she isn't planning on going after Lindsay, right? Right?

Hold on, because her rant continues. She adds:

    “I don’t blame anybody. The bottom line it was a bad situation And I was injured. I’m not pointing fingers at anybody. What I do know is that the injury came from Lindsay. I’ve been clean and somber for almost seven years so I already know what we do, how we behave, how we respond and react to situations when we’re not in our right mind…But like I said to this day I still wish Lindsay the best. I want her to stay clean and sober I want her to realize that she can put her past behind her, I want her to understand that life goes on….Once that I know that I’m going to be okay with some income coming in here with just my temporary disability insurance which is what I hired my attorney for then I’ll deal with that other stuff later. Right now Lindsay and that whole issue and injury is not important."

There is so much going on in those couple of sentences our heads are spinning. She blames LiLo, but she doesn't. She wants LiLo to own up to what she did, but she wants her to move on.

One thing is for sure - this situation is far from over. Team LiLo's gotta step up their game and fast before this goes beyond their control.

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