martes, 19 de marzo de 2013

Messi spoke about the new pope

Messi spoke about the new popFC Barcelona's Argentine star for new fun and full of positive energy and bright days when dreams ArgentinaMessi spoke about the new popIran NewsIran: Lionel Messi, FC Barcelona Argentine star to pop Brgvlyv, Hmvtnsh recently been elected as the new pope and the Vatican will be known by the name of Francisco fun, good luck and have a brilliant day.Messi has his own page on the website Tnsnt Vybv, Chinese social network, a picture of the Pope reflected Francisco and wrote the following: "For the new pope was elected, the days bright and full of positive energy to wish the community well Catholic to lead. "Last Saturday, while four Brgvlyv Jorge Mario, the new Archbishop of Buenos Aires as the successor to Pope Benedict XVI Pope XVI was introduced. Copper ago through his page on Facebook and also elected Pope Leo Messi Foundation was congratulated Francisco.Previously published reports have suggested that the pope Brgvlyv a friendly soccer is fun and has a fan club in San Lorenzo. He even has the Argentine club membership card and after his election, just different characters in the Argentine football world and especially about the statement did

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