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Trademark Registration in Dominican Republic

Trademark Registration in Dominican Republic

Register your trademarks in Dominican Republic through WDA law firm. Our lawyers will register your trademarks with customized assistance 365 days a year. Contact us now!

WDA is the most professional law firm to register your trademark in the Dominican Republic.New legislature on Intellectual Property (law 20-00 of May 2000 on industrial property and 65-00 of August 2000 on copyrights) has been enacted in order to comply with provisions of agreement signed by countries with the World Trade Organization (WTO) on Trade-Related Intellectual Property Aspects (TRIPS). 

Ever since the enacting of these laws, a remarkable change on protection system for trademarks has been accomplished.  For instance, with the adoption of the Niza´s International Classification of Goods that gives a wider and greater protection to registered trademarks and eliminates the limited scope of former local classification with 70 classes of products.

Moreover, creation of National Office for Industrial Property (by law 20-00), has started the modernization of the trademark computer system and has incorporated the technology needed to expedite the process as from clearance search until possible administrative conflicts which might arise from the application in question. We are a team of intellectual property lawyers commited to your success when registering trademarks in the Dominican Republic.

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