domingo, 23 de enero de 2011

Yikes! Now GM Pulls Ads From Skins!

Geez, imagine if they played reruns of the U.K. version. If people only knew how tame this show is in comparison, maybe they wouldn't be in such an uproar.

Following the lead of Taco Bell, General Motors has pulled their advertising from MTV's Skins, according to the Parents Television Council, who are single-handedly leading the crusade to get the show canceled for its overly-racy content.

According to GM, however, ads for their Chevy Volt were never supposed to air during the broadcast as they did. Company reps told the PTC that the commercials had aired in error and that the company has no intention of advertising on the show.

Aaaand that's two! How many more will pull out before the second episode airs in 48 hours? We shall soon see.

Kids, if you want to see this show stick around, you better make sure your tube is tuned in Monday night. The only thing that will save this show now is ratings. Advertisers might not love sex-glorifying teens, but they love to market to them!

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