jueves, 20 de enero de 2011

Kristen Stewart: Who's She Kissing Now? (Hint: Not Robert Pattinson)

Garrett Hedlund, Kristen Stewart
He may have a problem watching the upcoming movie adaptation of Jack Kerouac's On the Road.

As y'all know, Kristen Stewart stars in the Walter Salles-directed film opposite Country Strong's hunk of hotness Garrett Hedlund. The two do lock lips in the flick. "There's a few," Hedlund tells me of his and K.Stew's more intimate scenes.

However, what will make the cut is anybody's guess. Hedlund insists, "Walter didn't even watch dailies while we were filming," he says. "You know, there just wasn't the budget for it. We just kept pushing forward and pushing forward."

So when will we see the movie? "I think the end of the year or early next year," he divulges.

It's been quite a few months for Mr. Hedlund. Not only was the Minnesota native in Country Strong, he also held his own opposite Jeff Bridges in the Tron sequel.

He's taking a break right now, but says he'd love to work with True Grit directors Joel and Ethan Coen. "They're just two of the greatest people I've ever met," he says.

"And," he adds with a big Midwestern smile, "they're from Minnesota!"

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