viernes, 14 de enero de 2011

The bizarre secrets of Cheryl Cole and Derek Hough's African love-in

When Derek Hough whisked Cheryl Cole off to South Africa for a week-long break, we'd have given our right arm to be a fly on the wall in their £2,000-a-night private villa. persistent rumours that their relationship's a ‘fauxmance', the couple were snapped looking totally loved-up on the balcony of their villa.

They were also spotted snogging on New Year's Eve at property mogul Preston Haskell's £1 million party - at which Cheryl proudly wore the £10,000 diamond bracelet Derek, 25, had given her - and a mystery ring on her engagement finger!

‘They had a great time,' says Now's insider.

‘They stayed at the One & Only resort in Cape Town, then at the exclusive Camps Bay.

'Both resorts are renowned for their amazing food and they had their own personal chef at their private villa.

'Cheryl even phoned her mum and told her she'd put on nearly half a stone by the end of their holiday - she didn't stop eating!

'She kept saying: "I'm on holiday, I'm not dieting."

'She had dessert every night and she loved the chocolate millefeuille, which she ate with raspberries.

‘Apart from New Year's Eve, they didn't go out partying.

'They were in bed by 10pm each night and slept in every morning. 'Cheryl brought a load of DVDs to watch in the evenings.

'Derek doesn't mind watching romcoms if Cheryl twists his arm, so they'd sit down and giggle in front of Marley & Me and Dirty Dancing, Cheryl's favourite film.'

However, it's not all chocolate, bracelets and romcoms, says our mole. Cheryl, 27, and Derek's relationship is a strange one, to say the least. ‘Whenever they stay together too long they get on each other's nerves,' says the pal. ‘Derek's a bit untidy and Cheryl's an OCD neat freak and moans that she's always cleaning up after him.

'But the one thing they do have in common is incessant teeth brushing. 'They're both big on oral hygiene, bizarrely.'

Read the full story about Cheryl Cole and Derek Hough in Now magazine, dated 17 January 2011 - out now!

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