domingo, 23 de enero de 2011

Ashton Kutcher says he almost retired from the romantic comedy genre before he read the script for 'No Strings Attached' Kutcher talked to at the premiere of his new movie, "No Strings Attached" about what makes the movie different from other romantic comedies and why he can't give his pregnant co-star, Natalie Portman any parenting advice.
In the movie, which comes out on January 21, Kutcher plays a young man who embarks on a sex-based relationship with his life-long friend (Natalie Portman). The agreement comes with 'no strings attached', as long as no one falls in love.

Kutcher's past movies have included a long roster of romantic comedies, including "Just Married," "Valentine's Day," and most recently, "Killers" with Katherine Heigl. But the actor says that he thought about retiring from romantic comedies until he read the script for "No Strings Attached."

"I finished my last romantic comedy and I said, 'You know, I don't know if I want to do another romantic comedy,'" the actor explained. "Then when I read this script and I read its approach and how funny it was and that it didn't fall under any of the traditional mechanics of a romantic comedy where there's a white lie and then somebody finds out about the white lie and then it's the end of the second act and then they break up and then they have to figure out how they'll get back together and then they all run together in an airport and then they kiss and everybody claps. There was none of that and it just felt true and honest and real and modern and current, and I wanted to be a part of that."

The 32-year-old actor married actress Demi Moore in 2005 and is the stepfather to her three daughters Rumer Willis, Scout LaRue Willis and Tallulah Belle Willis, products of her previous marriage to Bruce Willis. But when asked whether he had any parenting advice for Natalie Portman, who is expecting a baby with her fiancé and "Black Swan" co-star, Benjamin Millepied, Kutcher said he wouldn't be of much use since he missed out on the early childhoods of his step-daughters.

"I'm really good from like, age 8 until age 22," the actor said, "but I have nothing before that. So she's on her own, man, she's gotta swim with the big fish."

Kutcher's co-star Natalie Portman said that viewers can expect to get their bang for their buck "literally" with the movie and also accused the actor of lying about his height.

Kutcher will star in the upcoming movie "New Year's Eve," which will follow the lives of several couples and singles in New York, whose stories intertwine on New Year's Eve. The movie also stars Robert De Niro, Zac Efron, Lea Michele and Jessica Biel, among others. It's set for release on December 9, 2011.

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