miércoles, 1 de mayo de 2013

Richie wants 'tramp stamp' gone

Nicole Richie has debuted her new AOL web series, titled "#CandidlyNicole." In the first episode, Richie says she's going to get her "tramp stamp" removed -- by "Big Brother" veteran "evil" Dr. Will Kirby, no less.
While in the waiting room, Richie makes friends with the other clients of "Dr. Tattoff," regaling them with the tale of the first tattoo she got -- the tattoo artist asked her friend to hold his gun while she got her tattoo.
Once in the exam room, Richie describes her tattoo as a cross "going down the crack" of her backside. Well, that's ... nifty.
The nurse describes the pain as being like when you fry bacon and the grease splatters on your arm. That doesn't sound too bad, actually, but Richie is interested in being put "completely under."
However, in the end, Richie doesn't end up getting her tattoo removed during this first webisode of her series. It turns out it could take several months to get the tattoo off and she thought it was an immediate, zap-like process.
"I'm hoping in 10 years, when it's really embarrassing, that they'll have new technology," says Richie.

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