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Charlie Sheen Reveals Steroid Use For 'Major League' Role

Charlie Sheen has revealed that he took his preparations for his role in 1989's "Major League" to the extreme.

"Let's just say that I was enhancing my performance a little bit. It was the only time I ever did steroids," the actor told Sports Illustrated in an interview featured in the new "Where Are They Now?" issue.

"I did them for like six or eight weeks," he continued. "You can print this... my fastball went from 79 to like 85."

The former "Two and a Half Men" star also told the mag that character Ricky Vaughn's signature hairstyle combined with his steroid use was a dangerous combination.

"I didn't like the haircut because it generated so many comments in bars. I've got enough of that already. Add that to the mix and it's a recipe for a fistfight," he continued.

The notorious lady-lover said the movie's physical demands cut into the amount of female visitors he had on set.

"It wasn't as bad as on 'Young Guns' [a year earlier]. We made that one in Santa Fe, and you would fly into Albuquerque and drive to Santa Fe on this two-lane highway. Literally, the girls that were leaving would pass the ones coming in," he recalled. "'Major League' was so physically demanding that you didn't have a lot of time for that. You're lying in bed and everything [hurts], and you're thinking, I have to pitch tomorrow?! But there were certain days that we'd look at the schedule for the next day and be like, 'Gentlemen, tonight we ride.'"

The actor told the mag he loves how the classic baseball comedy has endured over the years.

"We had this party at my place a few months ago to watch 'Major League.' It was awesome. The beard was there -- Brian Wilson, from the [San Francisco] Giants. We had [former pro baseball players] Eddie Murray and Kenny Lofton. And I got David Ward to introduce the film. Colin Farrell showed up. And when my big strikeout at the end comes on, the place goes nuts like we've never even seen the movie before," he told the mag. "I'm in between my two girlfriends, and I look over and there's Colin Farrell giving me a thumbs-up. I reach behind me for a fist bump from Brian Wilson, who goes, 'Winning!' I'm telling you, [director] David Ward created a baseball classic, and baseball is all that matters in the world.

"You know, I always wonder what I'm going to be in the middle of when I die. And I just hope it's not in the middle of the greatest...pennant race ever," Sheen added.

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